Neighborhood Video Crime Watch

The Neighborhood Video Crime Watch is here to set out new tools and ideas to help neighborhoods and governments set up video crime watches to prevent crime.

By videotaping main entrances, exits, and important areas in parks, neighborhoods, etc., vehicle type, color, and license plates will be recorded with time and date of entrance and exit. In the event of a crime, this will provide police with leads and probable cause for investigation as well as being circumstantial evidence in court.

A good method is to have neighborhood group members simply point a camera out their front window and record what is in plain view, obviously avoiding the windows of neighbors. Also, adding a street sign notifying traffic that it is being recorded helps increase the power of the deterrence.

These neighborhoods will appear less attractive to, and will be less vulnerable to crime. With recorded evidence of traffic at the time of criminal acts, we will be more able to prosecute criminals. Adding video to a Neighborhood Crime Watch will make it difficult to commit a crime and escape in a car without leaving clear evidence.

Also, an important part of this project is to creatively use more inexpensive things such as fake camera boxes, street signs, motion-sensing lights on camera boxes, etc., to repel criminals from an area where they could risk being "caught on camera". And not paying unbelievable prices (like $15,000 per camera- which the government seems to think it needs to spend- find that at a Best Buy!) when you can buy a camera on line (at eBay) for $20!

The unspeakable crimes that occur regularly in our parks and cities must be fought against.

1984 was great educational FICTION, but almost 20 years since then murder, rape, violence, robbery, arson, terrorism, illegal dumping, etc. continue to really exist day-to-day in all too real, destructive, and personally horrible REALITY.

No one wants to have to deal with such things as surveillance, criminals, the added expense of crime and crime prevention, etc., but for now- wouldn't it be a good investment to protect ourselves the best we can? A focused effort for (say) a five-year period would make a huge difference in our safety, (property values and (thereby) tax revenues if cost is the point), and reduce the horrible nightmare that these criminals impact our lives with.

The only reason crime succeeds is that criminals escape without being caught. The one thing powerful enough to stop criminals is irrefutable evidence in a court of law.

The Neighborhood Video Crime Watch Area is a new tool to get evidence to STOP CRIME!


Point the camera at the best location for monitoring, usually just straight out your front window at face-height. Connect the line out of a video camera to the line in of a VCR or DVR. Set the VCR input to line in. By using 8 hr tapes and recording at Extended Play (EP or SLP) speed all car types and colors, license plates, pick-up loads, people, etc. can be recorded entering and exiting an area by re-recording or changing tapes on the VCR 3x a day. Cameras can be purchased for $20 at and VCR's (if you don't have one already) are less than $100, a 4-channel DVR can be bought at for $89.

Put up VIDEO CRIME WATCH AREA signs, or NEIGHBORHOOD VIDEO CRIME WATCH AREA signs. I will mail or email you a number of pre-designed signs if you want, or you can visit or call See-More Signs at 816-523-3131 or - They're great and the cheapest I've found.

Motion-activated lights and fake cameras are inexpensive, fake cameras are at for about $30 for four. Here-

A community/neighborhood patrol with a video camera could be a strong deterrent in high problem areas. Also, put up camera boxes, motion-sensing lights, and fake camera boxes in appropriate places. Please consult with and respect your neighbors!

I have ideas on some legal regulations that I think should be implemented. Even so, many pre-video technology laws are already applicable such as: right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, right of the accused to confront their accuser in a court of law, the checks and balances that freedom of speech, freedom of the press, due process of law, and the publicity of the internet gives. These and other things can provide for us protection from the power to invade privacy that video technology creates.

To have much safer and cleaner neighborhoods and parks.
To powerfully threaten criminals and deter them from using public roads and parkways.
To help law enforcement with objective, hard legal evidence of illegal actions.
To foster investment in KCMO by ensuring safety.

To aid police by providing leads for investigation in serious crimes-
(videotape of car types, plates, time and date provide evidence of grounds for
probable cause to investigate and to get search warrants.)
To help law enforcement officials in court- providing legal evidence on videotape to them
will help efficiency of prosecution and in obtaining quicker guilty pleas in discovery.
To increase public support and perceived sense of effectiveness of KCPD.
To provide "officer in a can" to the KCPD and the KCMO Neighborhood Preservation's Environmental Crimes Dept.
To stop illegal dumping.

To nurture a stronger sense of safety through Neighborhood Video Crime Watch warnings on TV.
Using warnings on TV to educate and motivate the public to be aware
of the possible recording of evidence of criminal acts when in public use areas.
To make criminals aware that people will catch them on TV.
Teach that evidence recorded on TV will surely lead to convictions that will be
more difficult to escape in a court of law.


Organize conceptual summits between police, prosecutors, legislators, city council,
Mayor's office, neighborhood org. heads. Coordinate between police, neighborhood
org. heads for implementation.
Coordinate between groups like Move Up and area police to identify high crime areas.

Work up better logo, video logo and street signs.
Set up full media plan inc; TV psa's, radio spots, print ads, newspaper stories, etc.

Develop technically current, specific laws to govern both practice and application
of recording. Set up simple legal guidelines for police, prosecutors, judges,
neighborhood orgs, individuals, (rules of evidence, custodial chain of evidence, etc)
and publish it in a simple brochure.
Clarify rules for video evidence that is to be publicly accessible - in terms of legal
privacy rights related to video tape for broadcast, investigate and publish info on
this and other ethical issues on website.
Set up tough laws that protect investments in recording tools (from vandalism and theft).

Organize payment schedule between KCPL and Streets and Traffic.
Organize the technically best electrical supply for camera drops (whether to use standard service drops from transformers with weatherhead, etc., or 110v 15amp leg from streetlights and traffic signals like Christmas lights, or feed from private elec. source).


VCWA signs: 12" x 18": $25 ea. (non-reflective)
Empty camera boxes: $125 ea
Area-cam assembly: (see detail) $147 ea- includes camera, DVR and cables
Plate-cam assembly: (see detail) $277 ea- better camera for detail, DVR and cables- this often should include motion-sensing lights.

Power supply:
1) 110v tapped off of streetlight or traffic signal
(like as for Christmas lights): (see detail) apprx $30
2) Standard drop from transformer: (see detail) $135

The NEIGHBORHOOD VIDEO CRIME WATCH website is already running-
(no additional cost) but the City should have it's own webpage for official guidelines and information on participating with the City-run Program.
Public Service Announcements run between free to $60 -$1000 ea :30 sec spot on TV (depending on time of day, channel, etc) Radio spots are much cheaper,
and can be gotten for free easier.
These and other avenues of education will be funded as budget allows.

Please feel free to email me at if you would like more information, or call me at 816 659 5054.

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